Health Accountant

Are you a number cruncher??

Whether it’s the number on the scales, number of calories you can eat, clothing size, your number out of 10 or macro’s, number crunching is probably the barrier between you and your goals. At both ends of the spectrum whether you’re primarily  focusing to keep under a number or getting down to a number its placing a negative emphasis on your self-worth.


Be fit not just look fit

If that's not yours you might want to re-assess. 
Healthy living isn't just about the look. It's not to be told you're beautiful, look good in a bikini.
 It's to FEEL beautiful, FEEL good in a bikini, FEEL healthy. 
So often I see people aspiring too look like certain Instagram people, models, etc. and when I break down their healthy plan it's empty. It's often starvation focused, fad ingredients, low carb, or restrictive that centres on cardio for "ultimate fat burn". I see girls buying health plans off Instagram accounts. Sure that person may look good but are they healthy, do they know what good health is, do they have the knowledge to be selling you what good health is? I can't stress how important it is to get individualised advice. You are you a unique, one and only that needs a health plan for you not what works for someone with a good rig wanting fast cash because they're instafamous.
Don't get me wrong it's great to get meal suggestions or workout ideas off people who look like they're on track. But don't fall into the trap of following their program's. These people have not studied metabolic health, clinical nutrition, an array of diseases and conditions, lifestyle nutrition from pre-conception to pregnancy, lactation and geriatric health. Nor are they there to guide you through new weight training program's to minimise injury. They don't know what your medical history is, you job, lifestyle, budget and physical mobility/joint health. Simply they don't know you. Everyone loves the saying its 80% nutrition 20% training so firstly get that 80% from a nutrition expert not a gym expert and secondly get it right for you.