Teatox: a dietitians view

So I get asked very frequently what are your thoughts on teatox’s more specifically SkinnyMe Tea. “Isn’t all so bad yada yada yada”. Well infact no. Now this is my opinion which will differ from other health professionals but keep in mind I’ve read the ingredients, tried the product and compared it to others.  

SkinnyMe tea isn’t a meal replacement program nor is it marketed this way. It is designed to work autonomously with your existing lifestyle however, they do suggest beginning a more healthy lifestyle (which is never a bad thing).  The ingredients are natural and preservative free also; which I would much prefer my clients to be having then highly artificial products marketed to weightloss consumers. No one seems to mind when people are guzzling down $100+ pre and post workouts supps that have little to no effect on the general population (if not introduced in line with training regimens, diet and timing) yet a tea can cause some much controversy.

I frequently suggest to my clients introducing tea into their diet whether it be green tea to reduce sweet cravings or Chinese blends for complexion. SkinnyMe tea is exactly this. They are pre blended for you. Now I’m not suggesting everyone should go out and purchase it if you prefer to go to the local shops and mix your own save 10 bucks than that’s fine but if you can’t be bothered then there is no harm in purchasing a pre-prepared product.

Another good aspect is beginning the program itself. A lot of clients struggle progressing through the trans-theoretical stages of change ie. Yes I want to get fit > actually changing their diet and lifestyle. So beginning a teatox program often gives them that extra boost in beginning, committing and acting on the lifestyle changes. It doesn’t require intense gym sessions or calorie restriction just a simple tea morning and night (and I like the taste). Usually when people commit to a particular short term specific program (such as teatox, soup diet, pre made meals) they become more mindful of the choices they are making (i.e. less maccas, treats or fast food) which is great because it’s often hard to break the negative habits in the initial stages. By investing money people are also usually more committed.

I feel a lot of the negative publicity surrounds the name its self “skinny me”. I guess it all comes down to context. For some reason it has now become acceptable to criticize the use of previously normal words such as skinny, diet, thin, lean and associate them with pro-ana choices. For instance, I use the word ‘diet’ everyday but it relates to the food I eat at every meal not a calorie/carb restricted choice. The media is somewhat responsible for this; Just because the average Australian women is a 12-14 doesn’t mean that size is healthy. Everybody’s healthy weight range is different and dependant on a lot of factors but it is not okay to increasingly encourage people to except being unhealthy and pass it off as being ‘big boned’ (and yes I’m doing air quotes).  Being thin should be just as acceptable as being curvy. Both words represent a large percentage of women that are often criticised for a body shape they can’t control. We should be encouraging people to embrace a healthy lifestyle and accept whatever body shape comes with that. 50-60% of the adult population in Australia is overweight and obese, if people created initiatives and focused media resources at decreasing this statistic (and the multi-billion dollar, yes I said Billion, medical strain on the government) and less on the choice of a small percent of the population drinking tea twice a day then Australia would definitely be in better shape (rant over).

Lastly, I’ve tried the product myself. I was coming back from an injury and was feeling really lethargic, bloated and downright gross getting back to my previous lifestyle (clean diet, 1-2 gym session/day). I didn’t achieve any weight loss (however that wasn’t my goal) however I did find an increase in my energy levels, a decrease in bloating (which I think every girl wants), decrease in appetite (I’m a massive snacker), my body was more responsive to my diet (digestion) and I was able to sleep better which means I woke better.
For me personally, and for my clients these types of changes are the most important to me. The emphasis should never primarily be on the scales. It should come down to how nourished you are, how you feel, your energy levels and mentality.

If teatox’s are a step in this direction then who are you to criticise.