The Lust List

We can't technically classify this as health and fitness but we came to the group decision that if we had these rings, earrings and necklaces our mental health would skyrocket making us healthy.
These BEAUTIFUL delicate diamond, pearl and moon stone Luna Skye creations are definitely on our lust list.

Luna Skye is a LA based, fine jewellery line by Samantha Conn inspired by travel, nature and a passion for design. Having grown up in Santa Monica, the ocean and natural stone have organically been close to her heart and has been much of the inspiration behind her line.    



Aqua Fashion

As you may or not know the team at NF have decided to enter in some sprint triathlons this summer and one of the primary concerns is what to wear. 

From Swim to Bike to Run we want to waste as limited time as possible in transitions whilst still being able to wear the most functional (and hopefully aesthetically flattering) ensemble as possible. 




Food for the Soul

Sometimes even us dietitian's don't have time to make lunch so it's great to know we can grab a healthy nutritious meal on the run. 

Pre-packaged products can often be misleading with their labels and be packed full of either calories or additives. Often clients fall into the trap of thinking they are doing the right thing when in fact the meal they've grabbed can be lacking a significant amount of nutrition. 

We were beyond delighted when we came across this brand: Essence Food for the Soul .


The dirty H word

We’re talking about habits, whether it be good, bad or guilty we seem to always be trying to change them. It seems (well according to the internet and tv) nearly every change is achievable in 21 days whether it be going for that run at lunch, the ab king pro 21 days to abs, lemon detox diet, quitting sugar or smoking.