Steak 101


Organic, wagyu, aged, grass fed, grain fed, kobe, veal or marbled its all a little confusing. So we thought we would put you on the straight and narrow with Steak 101. Now this isn't about setting the record straight for those dining on a 7 course degustation menu but for the everyday person (who is hopefully health conscious) choosing a nourishing steak for dinner.

So which would you pick Grass-fed Black Angus or Grain-fed Wagyu?
Wagyu.... urghrrr  wrong.

No bake Watermelon Cake

No bake Watermelon Cake

I’m drolling just typing this out.

So quick and simple and can be made with any fresh season fruit that you like. 


1 watermelon whole (We choose seedless watermen to avoid the seeds)
1 punnet of strawberries
1 punnet of blackberries,
2 kiwi fruit sliced
2 cups of vanilla yogurt (alternatives whipped cream, yogurt, coyo, or whipped coconut cream)
1 packet 125g of slivered almonds lightly roasted (can also use mixed nuts or coconut)


Cut watermelon as per following picture.
Frost outside using yogurt.

And decorate sides with almonds top with fruit.

There are so many delicious topping options from tropical, think pina-colada to pavlova...

(for thorough thorough details head too