Health Made Simple

Our Vision

At nourishing focus we are passionate about giving you the right information in the right way. Our values are to promote a healthy lifestyle through optimal nutrition, mental and physical health. 

As everyone is an individual, with a unique health profile, food likes/dislikes and family/work/life commitments, there can not possibly be a "one diet fits all" approach or a singular exercise prescription.

Tired of seeing clients bombarded with misleading advice from the TV, magazines, internet and (unfortunately) other professionals working outside their scope of practice we wanted to create a space with simple, practical, holistic health advice.

Our Team

Director : Dietitian | Human Bioscientist

Our Editorial Director is headed by Dietitian, Nutritionist Goldy Floyd.

Goldy's qualifications include a Bachelor of Human Nutrition with a Human Bioscience major obtained form LaTrobe University (2010), Master of Dietetics with Honours (2012) as well as her own extensive research in toddler's nutrition.

Goldy's interest in health and wellness is long standing coming from an athletic back ground of national Horse Eventing, Cheerleading and Dancing; State Level Swimming, Diving, Gridiron, Hockey and Athletics. With a go-getter attitude she has unfortunately experienced some serious sporting injuries including a shoulder reconstruction, knee reconstruction and spinal injury and can appreciates the demands sport places on the body.
She now has accepted that she isn't unstoppable and you can catch her training for triathlons and open water swims.

e. goldyfloyd@hotmail.com or info@nourishingfocus.com.au

Lifestyle Editor : Sport Luxe

We're fortunate enough to have our lifestyle and fashion headed up by Elizabeth Byrne. Not only is Elizabeth's resume impressive with Commerce Degree with Marketing Major obtained from Deakin University (2011) she currently is the national Sales Manager for Paqme an Australian lifestyle brand. 
Her past experience includes Allocating Analyst for women's wear and International Designer as well as other roles within Myer and Portmans so its far to say she got the brains and the rolladex for the job. 

When she isn't focusing her time on Australian fashion you'll see her kitted out in the latest nikies (yes this fashion and finance mastermind is guilty of loving and living the sportsluxe craze) weight training and toning it up at reformer pilates. 

With a move to England on the horizon we will be sure to see some trans-Atlantic and pre-season trends coming through.