A good breakfast really is the best way to start the day. So what does a dietitian eat.... Muesli of course!! It ticks the boxes for fibre, GI, and dairy and you can have it with any fruit of choice. We love heading to the South Melbourne Markets where we get our favorite muesli from Rita's Coffee and nut shop!

Of course we imagine not everyone can get to the markets so here are some tips for choosing muesli.
  1. Choose a raw or natural muesli as muesli can often be roasted in oils and sugars adding to the calorie content. Better to leave that granola for a brunch date!
  2. Choose one with at least 5grams of Fibre.
  3. Serving size is generally half a cup
  4. Be careful if making a bircher as some tradition recipes use condensed milk which can be very sweet and calorie dense. 

Apple Muesli.

1/2 cup muesli (we use a natural nut muesli)
3 tbls Yogurt (We like chobani greek)
1 apple Julienne
2 tbls apple juice
Honey to drizzle
  • -          Place muesli in bowl, add apple juice and mix.
  • -          Place yogurt on top followed by fresh apple.
  • -          Drizzle honey over and Enjoy.