If getting fruity isn't you thing (Although we do recommend getting 2 fruits a day) then maybe 5 veg will be more helpful. Eat local. Eat what’s in season. Eat organic. Confused by multiple messages about what to eat and where to buy it?  We’ve looked into eating seasonal food and have it all figured out. Here’s why you should (really) do it.

Eating local and seasonal food is good for your health and the environment, but did you know it can also make food more flavorful and nutritious and better for the back pocket ($$). By eating seasonal produce you are able to choose foods that are farm fresh (Think less transit time from picking to packaging) which we all know tastes alot better. By decreasing the transit time too the freshness and therefore nutrient content of the food is also higher which really is a win win. Not to mention that food strait form the farms don't require storage which means the cost will also be significantly less. 

Our favorite place to shop for fresh vegetables is South Melbourne markets. Not only is there a great variety of fresh produce in the fruit and vegetbale sections there are also butchers, florists and specialty stores all available meaning you can shake up the usual protein +veg dinner.. (Look them up on twitter: @sthmelbmarket)

So these days with a fast track on transit and the ability to import export pretty much most fruit and vegetables are available all year round but purchasing seasonally will mean they are at their freshest.


Artichokes (Globe)Spring
Artichokes (Jerusalem)Winter
BeansSpring Summer Autumn
Beans (Broad)Winter Spring
BeetrootAll Year
BroccoliWinter Spring
Brussel SproutsAutumn Winter
CabbageAutumn Winter
CapsicumSpring Summer Autumn
CarrotsAll Year
CauliflowerAutumn Winter Spring
CeleryAutumn Winter
ChilliesSpring Summer Autumn
CornSummer Autumn
CucumberSpring Summer Autumn
EggplantSummer Autumn
LeeksAll Year
LettuceAll Year
OnionsAll Year
ParsleyAll Year
ParsnipsAutumn Winter Spring
PeasSpring Summer Autumn
Peas (Snow)Winter Spring
PotatoesAll Year
All Year
SilverbeetAll Year
SpinachAutumn Winter Spring
Spring OnionAll Year
SquashSpring Summer Autumn
Sweet PotatoesAutumn
TomatoesSummer Autumn
ZucchiniSpring Summer Autumn