Trick or Treat

Seeing as its Halloween we thought we would put up the recipe to one of our favorite desserts that's an absolute treat with no hidden tricks. 

Now to be honest it's not as good as our grandmas fruit trifle (mmm custard, cream & sponge..) but it is definitely a best dessert contender for anyone that has a sweet tooth but has a bikini body to consider. We made these up for our last group dinner and they went done a treat (no pun intended) and considering they have the same amount of calories as a banana we say its a definite win!!

2x 200g tubs of French vanilla/cheesecake flavour yoghurt (we use Yoplait for me: lowest calorie)
2 wafers peanut snaps crushed (these are found in the health food section)
1 packet of sugafree raspberry jelly
1 punnet of strawberries sliced
1 banana sliced
  • -          Make jelly and leave in the fridge to set.
  • -          When set mix up with fork then spoon into bottom of glass (we used picinic wine glasses… no washing up)
  • -          Add a layer of banana
  • -          Place sliced strawberries in alternating triangle directions around edge of glass
  • -          Add a layer of yoghurt, then banana, then peanuts until top of glass is reached
  • -          Slice strawberry and fan on top! Enjoy.
! Per serving 

Energy 638kj
Protein 10g
Fibre 4g
54% Vitamin C RDI
29% Riboflavin RDI