In a Lifestyle Rut?

All aspects of our lives from our home, work, relationships, health, finances and fitness need to work autonomously together to have a healthy lifestyle. They work in a cycle where one impacts on the next, so it’s important to give each facet the same level of attention.

6 areas of your life that affect your happiness:
  1. Home
  2. Relationships
  3. Finance
  4. Diet
  5. Physicality 

Clear out your Home:  There is no doubt that household mess can contribute greatly to the stress in people’s lives so clearing your home can definitely add a positive spin to the day to day grind. By removing the mess or clutter we remove a level of disorder form our lives.
  • ·        Throw away or give to charity anything you haven’t used in the last 3 years
  • ·        Re-arrange furniture
  • ·        Paint walls a different colour
  • ·        Frame some recent pictures

Detox your friendships: Reflecting on how people have contributed to your life whether negative or positive is also important. All relationships with people from a professional to intimate shape your attitude and ambition. Some interactions we simply do not need to experience again.
  • ·        The quality of the relationship is better than the quantity
  • ·        Let go of relationships that are past their use by date
  • ·        Refocus your time on those people that make you happy
  • ·        Create a new friendships through a book club or new hobbies

Check the piggy bank: If you want to start afresh with a clean slate and a clear mind, one of the best things you can do is to get your finances in order. Bite the bullet and assess your incoming money and outgoing expenses
  • ·        Create a budget
  • ·        Consolidate debts if possible
  • ·        Know when your bills are due
  • ·        Cut down on unnecessary extras
  • ·        Prioritise wants vs. needs
  •             At the other end of the scale, splurge on something you want

Revive your Diet: Keeping food choices simple midst the conflicting barrage of diet messages in the media is key to a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to remember there is not one diet fits all approach. You need to address your own health concerns and create goals that are attainable for you. Choosing whole, unprocessed foods, reducing artificial sugar and reducing your portion sizes are just some measure that can improve your nutrition.
  • ·        Clear out your pantry of used-by foods
  • ·        Empty the fridge & give it a scrub out (there can be unrecognisable things hidden in there)
  • ·        Assess the repetition in your diet (what food groups or nutrients are you missing)
  • ·        Buy a new cook book (or at least Google a new recipe, I love
  • ·        Try a new food
  • ·        Try a Food diary, make SMART goals

Move your body: Often the hardest thing to do is find time to bring something new into your life. Exercise is one of those things; unfortunately it’s not something that just happens. It’s important to schedule it in as part of your day to day routine.
  • ·        Make it easy by having your workout clothes when you can just grab them
  • ·        Make a date with yourself
  • ·        Add some motivation by buying a new pair of runners, clothes or a gym membership
  • ·        Try a new sport or workout challenge
  • ·        Keep an exercise diary or keep some fitness goals.