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Supplements and Exercise

"Protein supplements are generally overused. The recommended dietary intake of protein for an average Joe is easily achieved through diet alone. For the ultra-fit I see a place for protein supplements as their needs and total energy requirements are slightly higher."

The first thing I ask someone who loves to tell me all an out their protein shakes is: "Do you know how much protein you need a day?" If that answer is no then you don't need a protein supplement!
Don't get me wrong Protein supps definitely have a valid place but that is with athletes on a structured resistance training program, endurance athletes, athletes with high training loads not a person who does Bi's + Tri's twice a week! Half the time these gym users end up consuming more calories then they have burned to begin with, not to mention choosing the wrong protein for their body and often consuming in excess. Protein supplements achieve results based on program type & frequency, protein type (complete/incomplete BCAAs), and timing of consumption.

If you feel you want to commence a new program that's great! If you want to support this with maximal protein even better but before you take advice form the jacked up guy who hogs the free weights we recommend consulting a GP, Exercise physiologist or Dietitian as these guys are qualified experts in the area and will ensure you're getting the right amount at the right time (and right price) to see maximal results.

In the mean time here is the down-lo or protein!

Why does your body need protein?
Protein is required to build new cells. Every cell and organ in your body needs protein. Muscle, skin, hair, bone, and connective tissue contain protein. To live and function properly, your body needs protein.
How much protein do you need in a day?
It's been reported by American and Australian health bodies, along with the World Health Organisation, that men and women require approximately 0.8g of protein per 1kg in body weight.
*      80kg man requires approximately 64g of protein per day
*      60kg woman requires 48g per day.
Do you know how much protein is in the food you eat?
*      250g portion of salmon, steak, chicken or pork loin all contain between 50g to 60g of protein.
*      Three eggs contain 20g of protein
*      1cup milk contains 9g
Like your food a bit faster?
*      Double Whopper with Cheese contains 55g
*      3 KFC Original Recipe Thighs contains 62g
*      Domino's BBQ Meat Lover's Pizza contains 77g
Fresh, fast, or a combination of both … if you live in a Western country, you're most likely hitting your required protein intake every day, week, and year.
Do I need supplements?
The average gym user does not need any form of supplementation. Natural varieties (without all the hidden nasties) can complement a wholefoods nutrient-dense diet; assisting people to feel full, shed fat mass, or gain lean muscle.