Zen Mondays

Wishing our Monday mornings were a little like this..

and a little less this...

Lets get your Mental, Physical and Nutritional work day in check!


Its important to be in a positive head space especially when working. Instead of starting the week frustrated that its only Monday change your view and and the week will go quicker. Lets break this down. 
You have to be at work (well have to if you want to keep doing fun things and have a home) so being tired, frustrated, and mopey only affects you. Your boss couldn't care less if you're sitting at your text in a bad mood. So slap a smile on, be grateful you have a job and look at the week ahead positively and become a go getter.
When you get in on a Monday have a look at the calender for the week and see what's on: Meetings, Due dates, Clients etc so you're not surprised in 2 days when you turn up to work late and with no make up on. 
Next use your first 30 mins to prioritize your day and check emails. 
Plan your activities and create daily deadlines. 
By lunch you should aim to have finished all the high priority work for the day.
Use your afternoon for lower important activities that don't require an immediate response. 
The structure of the afternoon is just as important as the morning. Although we have celebrated Labour day it appears the 9-5 week day has gone a little wayward. But even if that means home-time is 6.30 now it's still important to be finished when you leave. The brain and you will work better and feel better leaving work for the day with a sense of completion not with 3 things half finished hanging over your head. It creates a work/home life balance. When you leave with still a bunch of things requiring attention people stew of this at time and and the quality of home time decreases which impacts on relationships with partners, family and friends. So look at your work and prioritize according (unless you're a surgeon nothing you do is that important it can't be done tomorrow; no one will die). Emails don't need to be responded to at 9pm at home because you know what no one can do anything with that information because no other business is open!). Now I'm not saying go and be lazy surprisingly when you create more structure to your working day and daily deadlines, productivity increases and so does your mental happiness. 
Also by adding that end to your work day, enjoying and relaxing through your evenings you've created barriers. Instead of work filtering through into home time its stopped and you mentally have switched off because you have not only left work but finished your activities for the day. Most people then end up not despising their jobs as much. 

It's also important to take small breaks from work (especially if you're at a desk)! 
-Take 5 deep breathes holding briefly on the inhale.
-Tilt head toward shoulder holder for 5secs alternate sides.
- Roll shoulders circular forward 10x then repeat back wards
- Stretch 1 arm out with palm down, pull fingers down. Hold for 3 secs. Pull fingers up and hold. Repeat alternating hands 3x
- Standing stretch up arching with hands arching back. Slowly bend down to touch toes. Hold for 5secs. Inhale. Slowly roll up exhaling. Repeat 2x


 Your energy levels across the day and productivity is influenced by how you fuel your body. So instead of grabbing a double espresso in the morning and slamming a redbull at 3pm add foods that nourish the body and give a good balance of energy across the day. 

Have a LOW GI breakfast: oats, natural muesli,or wholegrain bread with poached egg.
Lunch should be light to avoid getting the sluggish feeling in the afternoon. 2 brown rice sushi rolls, salad with lean meat, quinoa and tuna salad. Protein and vegetables/salad are a good choice.
Snacks are also important. 2 fruit, 1 yogurt and some trial mix is the perfect balance of macros. 
And don't forget your fluid status. Aim for about 1.5-2.0L/d of water.
 Now grab a cup of green tea and Power on!