5 minutes with... CB

5 Minutes with Chloe Butler..

WAG Hardly seems the appropriate term for this Aussie Babe. An athlete in her own right she may need her boyfriend Tim Grant of the Penrith Panthers to step aside while she takes the spot light. With a amazon body at a formidable 5'11" this athletic Aussie has tried her hand at athletics, LFL gridiron for both Australia and America; & Rugby union just to name a few and excelled at all. We caught up to see just how she keeps that body in tip top condition, chills out and feeds her mind body and soul.. 

Where the bloody hell are ya?
Penrith, New South Whales
Your must have smoothie ingredient? 
Whey Protein
 Who's featured on your gym play list? 
Go to workout exercise? 
I like to train Indoors or outdoors? 

Guilty pleasure
Biscuits 'Family All sorts' 
Hardest muscle to train?
Favourite female & male body part? 
Female =Glutes  Male= Arms ie Tim grant ;-)
I prefer to cuddle my pooch or partner ....
wooo thats a hard one both together because they are lovers
5 things you'd take on a desert island? 
Water, runners, tent and Bear Grylls hahaha
 I have so many...? 
Training Gear (no surprise)

Favourite Aussie indulgence?
Dads Rissoles 
My gym bag always has? 
Ear Phones
What are you currently reading?
Song Lyrics
How do you unwind...
call my mum for a yarn 
What do you actually eat...
steak steak steak steak & vegies ;-)  
Fish also cause I love fish would be a lie to leave it out             

A ................. A day keeps the doctor away?
Definitely fruit I LOVE FRUIT!
Favourite thing to cook? 
Slow Cooker always give me good cooking credentials with the partner 
What's in your lunch box?
Tuna, Brown Rice, Almonds, Apple, Mandarine & Nut Muesli Bar
Your mantra?
'There is no short cut to a place worth going' and
 'Stand Tall & Be Yourself'