5 minutes with... LV

5 minutes with Lauren Vickers

With legs for days this Aussie model/playmate/presenter/gypsy at heart and self proclaimed animal lover has a hectic schedule.. With her husband in the motor GP and splitting time between Miami and Australia we caught up to see just how she keeps that body in tip top condition, chills out and feeds her mind body and soul.. 

   Where the bloody hell are ya?
I’m currently living and working in Miami!  I’m traveling a little less this year and trying to focus on getting my career and health back to tip top condition.
2.       Your must have smoothie ingredient?
I put goji berries in all of my smoothies, I’m obsessed.
3.       Who's featured on your gym play list?
 I love old school RnB and Hip Hop to give me a good rhythm and motivate me to work harder.  By the time my workout’s over, I feel like I’ve just had an epic dance party.
4.       Go to workout exercise? 
I try to mix it up every time I work out but I’ve been loving my new Kickbox Cardio classes lately, it’s a real challenge and is really building my upper body strength.
5.       I like to train Indoors or outdoors? 
A bit of both, but the weather in Miami is so beautiful that I try to be outdoors as much as possible.

6.       Guilty pleasure
I’ve gone a little crazy for Scandal lately.  Kerry Washington is such an amazing actress.
7.       Hardest muscle to train?
I have such weak arms!  I’m working on it, but they always look skinny because I’m so long limbed.
8.       Favourite female & male body part? 
On girls, legs.  On guys, abs for sure.
9.       I prefer to cuddle my pooch or partner? 
 If there was a puppy in the house my husband would get ditched lol.  I’m sure that’s why he’s refusing to buy me one.
10.   5 things you'd take on a desert island? 
Hopefully it’s only for a limited time yeah?  My girlfriends, our training shoes, bikinis, delicious snacks and sunscreen.
11.   I have so many...?
Bikinis and sets of lingerie.  I might have  *small* problem….
12.   Favourite Aussie indulgence?
Tim Tams!!   I always bring lots of packets back with me to the USA to give as little gifts.
13.   My gym bag always has? 
 A towel, hairbrush, extra hair ties, face wipes, water bottle, Cactus face cleanser and my phone loaded up with good music.

14.   What are you currently reading?
The Heist - it was the best I could find in the airport the other day.
15.   How do you unwind?
Heading out for a nice dinner and dancing with girlfriends or just some quiet time chilling on my balcony in the sun.
16. What do you actually eat?              
 I’m a vegetarian but if I’m going out, I might have seafood.  I try to keep my food as fresh, healthy and colorful as possible so I get a good range of vitamins and minerals.

16.   A ................. A day keeps the doctor away?
A good tea, apple, stretch and laugh.  Balance is the key.
17.   Favourite thing to cook?
 I love making my own soups and pasta sauces from scratch.
18.   What's in your lunch box?
Nuts, raisins, fresh sliced apples with fresh nut butter, boiled eggs, carrots and hummus, crunchy colorful salads, or fresh sushi if I’ve had time to pick some up.
19.   Your mantra

"Do it with passion or not at all.”